Youth Sport & Strength Development

Strong Sport™ partners with you to develop your athlete with traits, skills, & character to last a lifetime.
Science based & proven programming that doesn’t limit your child based on age. Our coaches meet your athlete where they are and supports them to push their limits in a safe & fun environment.  

Fall Schedule

Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Privates Available

3:45 AM - 4:45 PM


“The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.” This quality can be applied to both physical and mental development. It is rooted in our first pillar, CARE. Training can be challenging, but it comes from a place of love and caring about each and every individual who comes through our doors.


The phrase, “Slow cook the process,” means that lifelong quality is not established overnight. Longevity is resilience over time. This takes consistency and frequency, but it leads to long-term, profound progress.


Seasons are long and exhausting. We train the body and mind to be able to withstand this. By the time athletes are in the thick of a competitive sports season, it is too late to build the armor that makes one athlete rise when the rest are falling off. It is built in the off-season and maintained year long.


There is a difference between being able to do something and being able to do something well. Efficiency is everything. We have coaches who have seen thousands of repetitions of movement in every level of development. We help athletes learn the best way to move so that they can focus on optimizing sports skills and decision-making.

Simple To

The greatest athletes in the world make unbelievably complex tasks look easy. This is because they do very simple things incredibly well. We master the basics of movement for everyone at every level of development and then layer on complexity over time.

Strong Foundation

It starts with a foundation. Learn how to run, jump, and land. Learn how and why we have high standards of movement quality. A sturdy framework is an advantage that lasts a lifetime!

Positive Culture

We lead by example. We create an environment that is both positive and challenging. It provides the opportunity for our athletes to overcome adversity and make the choice to be stronger, better, and faster when it is no longer easy to do so.


We use science-based research principles to teach and progress every facet of athleticism. We are always trying to improve our mechanics while still building explosiveness, strength, and stability. When athletes receive positive feedback for their hard-earned improvement, it often leads to an increased drive to compete with themselves and others.


It is equally important to learn how to lead AND be led. Kids learn through their peers and mentors. We have both group training and individual training to allow for the social benefit of teamwork and healthy competition. We always strive to inspire through empowerment. Strength is never a weakness!

You are not just a number to us! 

Strong is changing the market.

Our busy lifestyles demand more and more of us. We ensure that you are reaching your goals through our comprehensive programs, nutritional framework and give valuable opportunites to build relationships with those around us. 

As a member of Strong, you are getting more than just a gym membership. You get a staff of fitness, ninja, and nutrition experts at your disposal.

Strong Advisor Request:
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