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DFW’s Premiere Training facility. Climate controlled, high grade platforms, racks, premium barbells & plates for those athletes looking to specifically train Olympic lifts or supplement with of one our other programs.

Our Level 1 & Level 2 classes

We have a proven track record to provide the best program for the beginner athlete to the most advanced.

Our attention to detail in every aspect of your training will ensure that you realize all the benefits that CrossFit has to offer.

L1 schedule doesn’t work for you? Don’t worry let your advisor know, and we’ll accommodate you!

We Make It Fun.
Spin Bikes :: TRX :: TrueForm Runners

We’re making fit fun! This program is for those individuals looking to tone up or change up the same ole boring routine. Heart rate monitors will be used to ensure you are reaching your intensity goals during each workout. In our newly renovated studio and with the best trainers in Dallas Fort Worth, you can choose from our functional fitness, spin, or running classes.

Squat – Push – Pull

Build a foundation of strength to support everything else. This program is scalable and consists of non complex lifts. There are 4 days of programming each week to be completed as the athlete’s schedule allows during Open Gym times. Athletes are encouraged to work with training partners to accomplish the work together.

Take Your Training to The Next Level

So you want to get to the next level? Strong Competitor program will focus on one thing, attack your weaknesses to compete in the Sport of CrossFit. Our Strong Competitor Program will do just that.

Run Longer & Faster

Want to run longer or faster, swim, bike or simply add an aerobic base for your sport of choice?

Our program will be tailored to your goals with effective programming and coaching that is designed to test and build even the most advanced athletes.

Move and Control Your Body in Space

Strong Gymnastics is a structured three day a week program that runs in 4 week cycles. This program includes weekly hands on coaching, online coaching and multiple workshops throughout the year.

Change The World

Our educate pillar is internally and externally focused. We require our coaches to pass and possess some of the highest standards in the area and continually provide development for them. In 2017, we are opening our development program to the world.  If you are a trainer or gym owner, we invite you to enroll in our program to develop your coaches, audit your training program, and review your business processes. We will provide assistance with any facet of your fitness business from staff development, programming, nutrition classes, and business whiteboarding. You want to combine your gym with the Strong Brand, let’s talk. Our goal is to positively impact as many people as possible. We are ruling nothing out.

It All Starts Here!

Since 2009, we have watched fad diets and fitness crazes come and go. But when the fads have failed, the crazes died out, and people just want something that works…they turn to us. Strong Nutrition is based on three major pillars:

Expert Coaching

Guided Mentorship

Online & In-Person Support

Team Training – Individualized Programming – Get Faster

To be a truly great team all your athletes needs to possess Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Cardiovascular Endurance, Coordination, Agility, Balance, Accuracy and you are only as strong as your weakest link. Our team can train you in groups, individually, or at your location with your existing programs; leverage the expertise of trainers from a diverse background of achievements and accolades.

  • I started going to strong 8 months ago and it has definitely changed my life forever. My appearance, habits and health have improved by 70%. I call it “my happy place”. Also the coaches are the best, fun energetic and friendly.

    - Changed my life – Jhenifer Palma

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE the Fitness classes at Strong! If you’re looking for a HIIT workout that keeps your body learning and advancing, look no further. I’m so thankful Strong created this class. I’ve been coming to Strong Fitness several times a week since May and I’m getting stronger and leaner everyday. The coaches are so encouraging and motivating! And the classes are so fun but challenging – you won’t be disappointed!

    - You won’t be disappointed – Heidie

  • LOVE this place! If you would have told me a few months ago that I would be waking up at 4:30am every morning to head to the 5:30am class, I would have thought you were crazy. However, it’s a routine now and I can’t get enough! The positivity and teamwork I experience there are addictive and I can already see the changes in my body! Loving the class, the people and the results

    - Love this place – Rachel Burt

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