Group Fitness


The Fitness Program that revolutionized the finess industry. Community style workouts that include constantly varied functional movements performed at a high intensity under the care of dedicated coaches


Conjugate based programming that focuses on deadlift, bench, and squat to do during Open Gym. Come train on your time during open gym or find a partner from our Strong community to test out equipment you won’t find at a tradition Globo.

Open Gym

Train on your time! Do your programming or ours! Meet new friends! Open-gym available during business hours. 

Personal Training

Reach your goals with personalized care and attention. Our team can do this in small group, online, or 1 on 1 through nutrition, life, and fitness coaching.


Refine your technique and work on getting strong with access to the best equipment in weightlifting. Bring in your own programming or team up with one of our nationally ranked coaches from our Strong community.

Next Level

Increase your skill and compete at the next level. Through high volume strength, gymnastics, and metcon programming, challenge your abilities as you build community.

You are not just a number to us! 

Strong is changing the market.

Our busy lifestyles demand more and more of us. We ensure that you are reaching your goals through our comprehensive programs, nutritional framework and give valuable opportunites to build relationships with those around us. 

As a member of Strong, you are getting more than just a gym membership. You get a staff of fitness, ninja, and nutrition experts at your disposal.

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