Fun & Ninja

Strong Fitness & Fun™ offers a climate-controlled fitness park with a wide variety of obstacles to suit every age and skill level, from toddlers to adults!
Enjoy Safe Play for the entire family today during our open hours below. No reservation required!
Safe Play Schedule
Monday-Friday: 10 a.m to 6 p.m
Saturday: 10 a.m to 2 p.m
Sunday: 12 p.m to 4 p.m

Open Play

Obstacles include five sizes of Warped Walls, Salmon Ladder, Spider Wall, Body Prop, Quintuple Steps and much more. Our toddler area has plenty of age-appropriate obstacles and games to entertain for hours! Obstacles are updated weekly, so every visit will present new challenges! Coaches are onsite to assist kids on the obstacles and to encourage safety and success.

Toddler Area

Toddlers 5 years and younger have their very own area to explore and play! Strong provides a space where the younger kids can climb, jump, and run with obstacle made just for them. The toddler area is great for the younger kids to rome on their own with parent relaxing on the coaches or with their parents playing  by their side. The area also has legos and trains for the kids to expand their imaginations for hours! 

Indoor Fields

We have 2 indoor fields for hours of play! Whether its soccer, dodgeball, or tag our fields are the place to be. Our fields can be rented by the hour for team practice on rainy days, or for private party access during birthday parties. 

Ninja Classes

Ninja classes consist of an hour of structured curriculum, coached by actual Ninja Warriors. Kids will work on improving their natural movement, as well as their body awareness both in the air and on the ground. Focuses on balance, agility, strength, upper body endurance, and overall fitness will improve their Ninja skills as well as benefiting them in all other sports outside of the ninja gym


  • All kids begin in our recreation class and have the opportunity to advance
  • The focus in these classes are for the kids to have fun  while being active and learning new skills
  • Improve grip strength, balance, agility, body awareness, overall fitness, and most importantly confidence.  


  • These classes are intended for those athletes that want to take their ninja skills into competitions
  • Must be pre-approved to enter in the class
  • More rigorous curriculum and requirements
  • Required more hours/week training


  • Ready to represent the STRONG. 
  • Team members get sponsorship 
  •  Required to attend 2 classes a week
  • Competed with the best to be the best

Our Coaches

Steven Tucker

Matthew Day

Connor Hood

You are not just a number to us! 

Strong is changing the market.

Our busy lifestyles demand more and more of us. We ensure that you are reaching your goals through our comprehensive programs, nutritional framework and give valuable opportunites to build relationships with those around us. 

As a member of Strong, you are getting more than just a gym membership. You get a staff of fitness, ninja, and nutrition experts at your disposal.

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