*Winter Camp: December 20 – 23 and December 27 – 30
 Camp Times:  9am-3pm
* Early Drop Off: As early as 8 a.m
*Late Pick up: As late as 5:30 p.m


Campers are provided with 2 snacks AND lunch daily.  


  • Full Fall Camp – $130

  • Daily – $80/day

  • Half-Day – $45/Day


Refund Policy:  No refunds will be given the week of camp.  We will work with you to move your camp to another date.  Refunds or transfers will not be made for days that you do not attend.  


  • 9:00am    Introductions/Daily Engagement Check-ins while we warm-up and stretch
  • 9:15am    Structured Play- viewed as FUN each activity will introduce a skill movement
  • 10:00am  Snack (provided)
  • 10:15am  Game – Unique to the day and week.
  • 11:15am  Free Play – This allows campers to engage at their fitness and energy level. They will be able to continue the prior game or relax before lunch with shows like Titan Games, ANW & Beast Master.
  • 12:00pm  Lunch – provided
  • 12:45pm  Free Play
  • 1:45pm    Snack (provided)
  • 2:00pm   Game- focused on implementing movements learned in Structured Play.
Games include safe distance relay races, dodgeball, capture the flag, LED touchless tag, archery, soccer and many more.


All children 5 and older are welcome to come have some FUN!


Safe Play Guidelines @ STRONG CAMPS

  • Confirmation of camper presenting no fever or symptoms of being sick
  • To limit exposure and maximize safety, our campers will be separated by age into groups no larger than 10. These 10 campers will only engage with themselves and their coach for the entire week.
  • Proper hand washing before joining camp.
  • Treatment process combining spraying/misting technologies that sanitizes our entire facility. This treatment process is proven to kill 99.99% of harmful microbes and inhibit microbial growth using Benefect Decon 30 (EPA reccomended to combat and eliminate COVID- 19 from all surface areas)
  • All food and beverages consumed will be prepared by our Good Decision’s Cafe, which is adjacent to our zones. Good Decision’s Cafe will provide the safest dining experience through following CDC guidelines for restaurants.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are home to one of the premier camp experiences in the Dallas area. We host camps year round which include summer camp, fall camp, and winter break camps as well!

We do ask if adults will be on the floor that they have a waiver signed!

Kids and toddlers who are walking count. If the child is still in a crawling phase then they do not count.

You can choose to include and pay for siblings of guests. Parents are also welcome to pay for them separately! Let your party staff know which option you prefer at the beginning of your party so that she can charge accordingly.


We maintain a 1:10-12 child to camp counsellor ratio so our perceived camp max is usually determined by the number of counsellors we have for that camp. We will always ensure there are an ample amount of counsellors to provide a quality camp experience!

From drop off to pick up, your child’s safety is our top priority! Here are the main ways we ensure that…

  1. Drop Off: At drop off, we make sure each child has a name tag and wrist band so we can always identify them as a camper.
  2. Complete supervision: Our camps are structured for maximum supervision throughout the day. There is always a strategy for counsellors to effectively manage the FUN floor to help kids have fun and stay safe.
  3. Bathroom Breaks: When a camper needs to use the restroom, a counsellor will always walk them to the bathroom, stay outside the in hallway until they are done, and walk them back to camp. This is to ensure complete safety for each camper.
  4. Roll Call: We make sure each camper is accounted for three times a day to ensure an accurate head count throughout the day.
  5. Pick Up: During the pick up process, the one picking must be on the list of those authorized to pick up and show proof of identity as well. If the individual is not on the list of those authorized to pick up, we will immediately contact the main parent or guardian and seek authorization from them. We will never let a child go with somebody who is not on their personal authorized pick up list.

Yes! We provide 2 snacks and a lunch for full day campers and one snack for half day campers.

For children who have minor to major food allergies, we always recommend that the child bring their own lunch and snacks just to make sure they are as safe as possible!

Yes! We host a variety of sport conditioning camps for kids throughout the year as well as other skill based camps as well.

You are not just a number to us! 

Strong is changing the market.

Our busy lifestyles demand more and more of us. We ensure that you are reaching your goals through our comprehensive programs, nutritional framework and give valuable opportunites to build relationships with those around us. 

As a member of Strong, you are getting more than just a gym membership. You get a staff of fitness, ninja, and nutrition experts at your disposal.

Strong Advisor Request:
We get it! There is a lot to consider and understand. Let one of our Strong Advisors guide you through this process.

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